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Ironman Melbourne 2012 revisited

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The recently concluded Ironman Melbourne got me nostalgic about the last time I raced that distance. And what a wonderful race it was too. The organization was brilliant, the race course was superb and the entire atmosphere was electric. Follow me down memory lane as I recap Ironman Melbourne 2012 Wow! What a day! I […]

The race that turned Captain Faiz into Captain Ironman

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Earlier, we had a post about how pilot Captain Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin was dealing with his post-Ironman blues. Here now is his report about the race that gave him those blues. Ironman Western Australia (IMWA), 8th December 2013, Busselton, Australia. My Race Report (40-44 Male) by Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin It was raining cats and dogs, […]

Celine begins her triathlon journey

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Celine Yap is a hero in the making. Not much of a sportsperson growing up, she picked up running in 2009 to shed a few pounds. Then it was cycling and now swimming. And so begins her journey towards a triathlon finish line. She knows it’s going to be a long one, but she’s more […]

After the race: How Faiz Kamaludin deals with the blues

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We all go through it: that empty, lost feeling we get after crossing the finish line of an Ironman. After months and months dedicated to training for that race, we find ourselves asking “now what?” Captain Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin finished his first Ironman at Ironman Western Australia last month and now the 41-year-old B777 pilot […]

From Runner to Ironman

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Here’s a story about how running became a big part of this young man’s life. From couch potato, to 10ks, to full marathons, running is on Alp Arzlan Mahavera’s thoughts almost everyday. Now, he takes on a new challenge as he prepares for his first Ironman. Read all about Alp’s journey: Runner, now and forever […]

One Project, One Dream.

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Alejandra Andreu is a true hero. The 28-year-old lawyer from Barcelona, Spain survived an accident some time ago which would have left her crippled for life. She was, however, determined to not let that happen. She vowed to run a marathon and she did  so within the year. Having been inspired by Ironman,  she now […]

A LycraHero Couple Story

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Meet Puli and Res. They’re a normal couple from Columbia, until one day they discovered this sport called triathlon. Since then, they’ve become LycraHeroes on their own way, managing full-time professional careers, training and their four-legged lab. This past summer, they both did their first 140.6 race together at Ironman Texas. How did it go […]

NBC’s Broadcast of the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship

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NBC aired the 2013 GoPro Ironman World Championship on November 16. For those of you outside the USA who missed the broadcast, you can catch it right here. A big thanks to UCAerospace2012 for uploading this. Enjoy! If you have any interesting videos to share, please send it to

99 steps of a typical Ironman trip

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I found this on the slowtwitch forums. It’s an oldie and I’m sure many have seen this but still it’s worth a share, especially for those those about to do their first Ironman. Plus it’s a laugh and a half so enjoy…   1. Arrive in town. 2. Find over-priced accommodations you are staying a minimum […]

Oooops… did I do that???

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Triathlon ain’t easy. While you don’t have to master all three disciplines, you need to at least be adequately competent in all three of them to make it to the finish. And while trying to be adequately competent, you’ll learn some lessons, sometimes painful, but mostly embarrassing! All of us go through some embarrassing moments […]