Ironman glory awaits: Harum’s final push

Harum may be resting up fpr the big day now, but that doesn’t mean she’s been slacking off the past few weeks. Here, she chronicles her training from Week 8 to Week 11:

Week 8


Project Hero, Day 50-54 of 84: Hazy Days

Due to the bad weather, I only managed to do a short run on Day 51. I didn’t want to risk falling sick and having to spend the next few days resting… again.

I didn’t do much training at home as well since the whole place was equally smoky.

Project Hero, Day 55 of 84: Bike 48mins

Week8_2The haze was still bad. We decided to train indoor. After not using the bike trainer for so long, I was struggling even after only 10mins of spinning! Watching American Idol helped a bit.

I had to stop so many times to rest. I even got distracted and took this pic hehe…


Project Hero, Day 56 of 84: Bike 35mins
Sufferfest again. I had to get off the bike after 10mins as I wanted to faint. But I made sure I trained for at least half an hour.

I hate the bike trainer!!!

Week 9

Project Hero, Day 57 of 84: Swim 2.3km

Week9_1Took me 1 hour to complete the swim. It was a long swim but somehow I felt really good. Maybe it’s the new goggles and swim cap 😀 Now I just need another swimsuit!

As of today, there will be 4 weeks left until the race day. Nervoussssss… 


Project Hero, Day 58 of 84: Run 40mins

I was so relieved when I found out the run today didn’t include any hill sprint yahooooo!

Week9_2Had an easy run with Knut and I was really enjoying the nice weather and fresh air. You never know when the haze would return.


Project Hero, Day 59 of 84: Swim 2.6km


The longest swim so far. Took me 1hr 7mins. I was dreading the swim but as usual, I feel great after finishing the training.

I was kinda annoyed that I only burnt 394 cal after all that workout. Knut burnt 559 cal! Looks like I have to wait for the right time to have my fried rice.

Project Hero, Day 60 of 84: Run 18km

Week9_4I was thinking of a flat route for our long slow distance run. Due to lack of planning and research, we had to settle for our usual route. Despite the hilly route, it was fairly an easy run. Only felt hungry around KM13 then started getting tired around KM15.

Took 1 gel and 2 chewable endurance tablets. Also tried on my new trisuit. Minor chaffing on my thigh, no big issue. Overall the suit felt amazing.

I have a friend who used to do 2 loops of Mont Kiara/Hartamas route and the distance is 14km. One year ago, I could only do half of that. I told myself, some day I will do the 2 rounds as well, some day… And now not only I did 2 loops, I even ran extra 4km. I was so surprised at how fit and strong I’ve become. Very very happy with the result of my training.

Only one LSD run next week before race day – 20km!

Project Hero, Day 61 of 84: Rest Day

Week9_5It’s also my birthday 🙂 After our 18k run the day before, Knut took me to Hammam for a 60 minute aromatherapy massage. It was soooo good !

On my last birthday, I went to Hammam alone since Knut wasn’t around. This year I’m just thankful to be able to spend the day with my husband. Both of us really deserve to be pampered!


Project Hero, Day 62 of 84: Brick – Bike (trainer) 1hr & Run 5km

Week9_6My legs were still sore from the long run 2 days ago. Thought I would suffer during the brick training but it was one of the best bricks I’ve had. I felt really strong during the run. Maybe it’s due to my new Brooks Glycerin 11 from my husband for my birthday 🙂 They are super awesome.

I have been running with Glycerin 10 before this. I bought them after reading different reviews and types of shoes that fit my pronation pattern and foot type. I’m an underpronator (using outer part of the heels to hit the ground) however I’m somewhat flat footed (low arch) so finding the right shoes were tricky as underpronators are usually expected to have a high arch. Based on my research, I decided that Brooks Glycerin would be the best fit.

For the new pair, I chose the pair which are half size bigger to give more room to my toes. Let’s see if I can race with these or stick to the old ones.

Project Hero, Day 63 of 84: Bike (trainer) 2 hrs & Swim 30 mins

Week9_7After spinning for 2 hours, I thought of taking a short nap. But I ended up sleeping for 3 hours! I could hardly walk after the training.

Then it was time to swim non stop for half an hour. I officiated another birthday present from my awesome friends! Super love the Speedo swimsuit I look damn pro LOL!

Week 10

Project Hero, Day 64 of 84: Run 40mins & Swim 1.6km

Week10_1I will be travelling to Singapore for work the next day so I thought I could do my run today together with the swim. The run was easy however I had to stop my swim instead of doing the whole 2.2km.

I somehow got a bruise on my palm that affected the blood flow to my left thumb. When I was swimming, due to the strong winds, I felt cold and after a while, my fingers started getting really numb. I stopped to check my left thumb, I even tried biting it and I couldn’t feel anything! Luckily it got back to normal after I took a hot shower. Phew!


Project Hero, Day 65 – 67 of 84: Work

Week10_2No training was done due to work in Singapore. Since I have done my swim and run on Monday, the only training I missed was a 2.2km swim on Wednesday.

I’m replacing the 20km run on Thursday to Friday.

I don’t know how Knut does it, to travel and train. I was completely exhausted!

Project Hero, Day 68 of 84: Run 19km

I was supposed to do a 20km but only managed a 19km due to tummy issue.

Left the house around 6pm or so, after 1km, I had to pee. Luckily I was in front of this commercial area where they have public toilets. Then the rain started pouring. It was too heavy for me to continue so I decided to wait for a while.

After 15 minutes or so, it was drizzling but I thought it was ok for me to continue. It was getting dark. The best place for me to run safely is in this housing area where it’s guarded. I think I circled the area around 15 times and got barked at by the same dogs! Geez..

My legs were very tired. This must be the effect of travelling with those work heels. Even though the heels were low, my toes were cramping like crazy when I was in bed last night.

Around 16th km, I had a stomach ache. So I ran back to the same commercial area to use the toilet. But nothing happened. I was so close to running to my friend’s place to use her toilet hehe.. I kept on running but the discomfort was still there. Decided to cut it short. Plus Knut would have arrived from Manila and reached home.

So this is me coming back to my husband!


Project Hero, Day 70 of 84: Bike 3 hours & Run 28 mins

Tried out the new 70.3 route. We started riding around 930am or even close to 10am. By the time we were done, I got so sun burnt despite applying the sunscreen.

I didn’t do my brick yesterday as I was still exhausted from my 19k run.

My legs were still tired today but felt quite good during the ride. We planned to run 10km after the ride. However I was overwhelmed by the heat. It was around 1pm when we started running. My mind just gave up because it was too hot. So the run/walk lasted less than half an hour.

I also felt like puking after taking the recovery drink. Now I’m worried about the race day :/

Week 11

Project Hero, Day 71 of 84: Taper Week – Swim 1.6km

Week11_5So happy that it’s taper time! After having a 2k plus swim for a few weeks, 1.6km seems so easy now!

My back still hurts from the sunburn yesterday. This is probably the worst burn I got from my training. I guess it will be much worse on race day. Yikes.


Project Hero, Day 77 of 84: Taper Week – Bike 2 hrs
Swam 1.4km and ran 4km few days ago. That was the fastest I ran. Next day though, I felt slight pain on my right knee. Dammit. I think the ITB is coming back on the same knee.

I’ve been resting and foam rolling for a few days hoping that the pain would subside.

Today I was supposed to bike for 3 hours however I woke up with a stomach ache which resulted in diarrhoea.

Feeling quite weak, I decided to wrap up my training after 2 hours. And Knut rode the remaining 1 hour on his own.

And that’s the last training in Putrajaya before race day!

And that’s all you need, Harum. Trust your training and have fun this Sunday. All the best! You can track her on race day at

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