Recovery Week for Harum. Or was it???

Week 4 is recovery week for the Heroes, but that doesn’t mean they get to slag off. They just get an extra rest day! Here’s Harum’s account of her “recovery” week:

Project Hero, Day 22 of 84: Recovery Week – Swim 1.4km

Week4_1Took it easy today as it’s recovery week. Finally! The water was just nice. This means the weather is finally back to normal 😀

Knut observed how I was swimming and he said I was moving quite well, I just need to extend my left hand longer.

I was a little bit tired due to my migraine last night. It was so bad that I had to put a frozen ice pack on my forehead as the pain was too much to bear. I was still having a headache this morning. Thank goodness it went away after I had my lunch.

I think this was due to dehydration after my ride. I should be more careful next time and hydrate!

Project Hero, Day 23 of 84: Recovery Week – Rest Day!

Week4_2I was supposed to rest today but I got so restless. Decided to do an 8 min ab workout. 8 minutes sounds short and easy but it’s actually quite intense. I think the whole thing involves close to 300 reps of various ab workout routines.

I have been neglecting my ab ever since I started to swim, bike and run. I shrunk because of this training but I took it for granted and started eating irresponsibly, especially white rice, fried rice… basically anything that is rice! By doing my ab again, then I can feel more responsible about my food. Does that make sense? Haha…

Anyway, I think my mini belly still can be salvaged. It’s not too late!

Project Hero, Day 24 of 84: Recovery Week – Swim 2km

Week4_3Maintained my average pace at 2:30mins/100m. Took me 50 mins to complete the swim. It was ok, not too happy with the pace. I thought I swam faster than that. No biggie I guess since it’s recovery week.

By the way my ab hurts like hell today after the workout last night. Maybe that’s why I didn’t rotate as much when I swam? (Excuses excuses…)

Project Hero, Day 25 of 84: Recovery Week – Rest Day!

Week4_4Supposed to run in the evening but Knut got back quite late from Manila and he had to continue working. So I did my ab workout and ordered Nando’s for both of us.

I don’t really recommend these 2 sides though :p and by right the chicken should be more than the sides.
Project Hero, Day 26 of 84: Recovery Week – Run 30 mins (10mins in Z2; 10mins in Z3; 10mins in Z2)

Week4_5Had an easy morning run. I’m just very happy that my training buddy is back (even though it’s just for few days)!

This is how we celebrate Valentine’s – by going for a run because it’s free woohoooo! 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh darlings!
Project Hero, Day 27 of 84: Brick 2hrs – Bike 1hr 40mins; Run 20mins

Week4_6Since it’s a recovery week, I was scheduled for a shorter Brick training. However Knut and I will be traveling next week so we decided to do the usual duration.

Thanks to recovery week which includes the 2 rest days, my legs were fresh and ready for the ride. Got some advice from a fellow triathlete on strengthening my quads so I used heavier gears to climb the hills while maintaining my cadence around 70 rpm.

The whole ride was manageable. But I was left behind by 3 guys 🙁 Really sucky to be the slowest one! Having said that, training with men makes me a stronger athlete as I have to constantly push myself to keep up with them. I guess I shouldn’t feel that bad.

Some dude and his group came from behind and asked, “Hey, Harum right?”. That was nice of him to say hi except that I thought I was alone and I didn’t hear them coming. Man, I was startled. And that was embarrassing! I wonder if it was the Tadonamo bunch.

The run was a bit tough as I went straight to Zone 3. Again, I had that stupid knot on my lower ab. Struggled slightly to get a steady breathing rhythm. Furthermore, it was getting quite hot!

Despite all this, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s long ride!

Project Hero, Day 28 of 84: Bike 3hrs

Week4_7Today I did my longest ride – 70k!! Yahoooo!! It’s crazy that I could do this since I only started riding less than 4 months ago.

I felt quite good during the first loop. Going into the second loop was challenging – strong winds, tired legs, hot weather. Everything felt heavy.

Tried out different gears to increase my speed on various hills. Some worked out quite well, some didn’t. I will try this again to see if I can sustain it for 90km and still run a half marathon after that.

Knut fell when he stopped to wait for me. He braked too fast and he didn’t get to unclip on time. Finally!! LOL! Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. But I just think it’s unfair that he hasn’t experienced this. Everyone’s gotta go through this at least once! I fell twice before when 1) I just got my bike, I was trying to master the clipping in and out movement. I was holding on to my couch while doing this, I lost balance and was too slow to unclip 2) I was trying to clip in on a slope. I don’t feel too bad about myself after today 😀

After riding for 3 hours, I’m quite convinced that I will be racing with a 2 piece trisuit than a 1 piece. It’s ridiculous how comfortable my tri pants are. Should have tried on a 2 piece suit before buying the other one. Oh well…

How’s your training coming along? Share any funny or interesting stories you have on your training or just let us know your favourite training session. Hit us up here.

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