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Secrets of the 4th triathlon discipline

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How many times have we been through this? We’ve finished the swim, we’re on the bike and suddenly, the tummy starts feeling bloated. Then we start throwing up. Again and again and again. Or we’re coming towards the end of the run and suddenly, there’s just nothing left. The world starts spinning and all we […]

Ironman Melbourne 2012 revisited

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The recently concluded Ironman Melbourne got me nostalgic about the last time I raced that distance. And what a wonderful race it was too. The organization was brilliant, the race course was superb and the entire atmosphere was electric. Follow me down memory lane as I recap Ironman Melbourne 2012 Wow! What a day! I […]

Travel and sickness plagues Knut’s second month of training

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The Project Hero athletes are well into the second month of Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 training. It’s at about this time where it seems to get harder to maintain the momentum. In Knut’s case, he had business trips to go on during Weeks 5 through 7. On top of that, he started getting the flu too. […]

An injury-riddled three weeks for Harum

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We are well into the second month of Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 training now and the Project Hero athletes are well into it. Unfortunately, this is also about the time injuries occur, as Harum found out the hard way. This is how Weeks 5 through 7 went for Harum. Project Hero Training – Week 5 Project […]

Knut spends his Recovery Week… shopping?

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It’s recovery week for our Heroes but that didn’t stop our Heroes. Even while away on a business trip, Knut managed to complete his training plan. And get some new shoes to boot! Here is how his recovery week went: Project Hero training week 4/12 Recovery week finally arrived and quite timely for me as […]

Recovery Week for Harum. Or was it???

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Week 4 is recovery week for the Heroes, but that doesn’t mean they get to slag off. They just get an extra rest day! Here’s Harum’s account of her “recovery” week: Project Hero, Day 22 of 84: Recovery Week – Swim 1.4km Took it easy today as it’s recovery week. Finally! The water was just […]