Harum’s Week 3 Progress

Week 3 of Project Hero and you can see Harum Delima is improving. Her swimming pace is getting faster and her hard runs are getting more comfortable. Read on to see how the rest her her training is going:

Project Hero, Day 15 of 84: Swim 2km

Harum 3_1

Longest distance so far. Felt quite good but slightly disappointed that my average pace is not less than 2:30min/100m. Sometimes I forget to rotate my hips fully.

Slight pain on my right shoulder. Tsk…

There were a lot of people in the pool. At least 7-8 doing laps. Loving the chaos!

Project Hero, Day 16 of 84: Run 35mins including 6×30 secs hill sprints

Harum 3_2It was a pain in the *ss to wake up early to train. I was sulking hahaha… But after doing it, I was glad and told myself, yay let’s do that again! What a horrible cycle LOL…

I was running at the top of Z3 most of the time because I was trying to catch up with the guys. Luckily I wasn’t that sucky. I was out of breath for the first 600m but after that it was manageable. Most importantly, I did all 6 hill sprints!




Project Hero, Day 17 of 84: Swim 2km
Harum 3_3(Warm up 400m; Race pace 1400m; Cool down 200m)

I’m so excited!!! I’m improving and you can see my stats below for the 2km swim in Week 3:

Time: 51mins
Avg Pace: 2:33min/100m
Total Strokes: 1,378

Time: 49mins
Avg Pace: 2:23min/100m
Total Strokes: 1,350

Finally my average pace is below 2:30min/100m!!! Thanks to my husband for his constructive criticism on my techniques and also Sun Yang’s video. I worked on simple things such as pushing forward using my shoulders and rotating my hips fully.

My progress in Week 3 is looking good. Yay 😀

Project Hero, Day 18 of 84: Run 12km – 3km in Z1-2; 6km in Z3; 3km in Z2

Harum 3_4When I saw today’s training plan, I cringed. 6km in Z3 is loooong. I thought about the 1.5km and 3km in Z3 I had to do in Week 1 and 2, they were somewhat tough to maintain.

I started my first 3km slow and steady, psyching myself up for the dreadful Z3. Then I sped up, increasing my heart rate from 150 ish to 165bpm. It didn’t feel too bad so I increased it slightly to 168bpm. I managed to sustain the 6km between 165-170bpm. When I felt uncomfortable, I knew I was running above 170bpm.

I had to run around this housing area/taman for 6 times. It was boring and uninspiring. But I completed my 6km in Z3 without stopping! Yahoooo! Can you see my happy face? My pace for Z3 was around 6:47-7:06min/km. Oh and I also realized that a lion dance lasts as long as my 5km haha…

I’m really enjoying this HR based training plan. I would like to think I’m becoming a stronger runner.

Project Hero, Day 19 of 84: Rest Day!

Harum3_5Did some foam roll in the morning. My right hamstring is still tight. Not sure if the tennis ball has any effect on it. Having said that, I haven’t really been stretching this week. So let’s see.

I’m starting to get a mini belly because of all the rice I’ve been eating irresponsibly 🙁 I thought of doing an 8 min ab workout but I was starving after work (excuses).

In the end I just chilled with the kids because they needed my attention 🙂

Project Hero, Day 20 of 84: Brick 2 hrs – Bike 1hr 40mins; Run 20mins

Harum 3_6I guess the race is getting real! There were a lot more cyclists today doing the 70.3 loop. Some actually followed us just to be sure of the course.

I was the slowest one and they had to wait for me several times. I was getting annoyed and demotivated because I couldn’t keep up with them on the hills. I was so tempted to climb those hills with heavier gears because I know I could do it.

I told myself to just do my own thing. I’ve got to conserve energy for the run later and longer ride tomorrow. This got me thinking though, do the others really climb those hills with heavier gears during a race? Or do they go up with the lightest gear whilst maintaining high cadence (which is what I’m doing)?

My run went quite well. I was running comfortably below 7mins/km. Quite excited with my progress!

Project Hero, Day 21 of 84: Bike 2hrs 15mins

Harum 3_7Bike training schedule was for 2hrs 45mins. But we had to cut it short due to Knut’s broken chain.

I had mixed feelings when I saw his chain snapped. I was quite relieved that we didn’t have to go on as we were entering the second loop of the 70.3 bike course (meaning we would have to do those hills all over again) and I was getting really exhausted. At the same time, I was disappointed as this was supposed to be my longest ride.

We tried walking with our bikes but clearly it was taking too long. So Knut decided that it would be faster if I rode back and returned with the car.

His specific instruction was, “just go straight and you will see the traffic lights, don’t take any exit”. Simple right?

So I went straight. Then I saw some traffic lights but it somewhat looked like an exit. Or not. It was either a left or a right turn. I was familiar with the left turn so I took a chance with that. Surprise surprise.. I got lost. Both of us didn’t have our phones so there was no way of communicating with each other. Also, it was getting cloudy. I tried to ride faster but my legs were so jelly.

Long story short, I rode another 10k before getting to our car. Knut told me he felt like the wife in “The English Patient”, waiting for the husband to rescue her. LOL!

That’s him in the pic waiting for me. Didn’t look too happy I think :p

That’s a quarter of the way through for Harum and the improvements are coming. Stay tuned to see what the next nine weeks brings for her.

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