Celine begins her triathlon journey

Celine Yap is a hero in the making. Not much of a sportsperson growing up, she picked up running in 2009 to shed a few pounds. Then it was cycling and now swimming. And so begins her journey towards a triathlon finish line. She knows it’s going to be a long one, but she’s more than willing to take her time. Read about the beginning of what will be an incredible journey below:

My Journey Begins
by Celine Yap

552434_10151914357835347_277166700_nI never had much liking for sports, and signed up for my first gym membership in 2004 after I was convinced I had to shed a few pounds I picked up while studying overseas. My idea of ‘beautiful’ was maintaining regular exercise and eating small portions but I knew nothing about nutrition, nor did I do any strength training. I was stick skinny, with my waist measuring a mere 23”.

I was introduced to running back in 2009, at the Adidas King of the Road, Shah Alam. Finisher medals were one of the motivating factors which compelled me to register for more races.

73959_10150325790345347_4043889_nI believe that cycling is one of the more expensive sports around as a decent bike starts at about RM2,000.00, and finding a bicycle which suits my petite (149cm) size was not easy. It took me 2-3 bicycles before I found the right one. I picked up cycling in 2010, and joined my first dualthon race, the Malakoff Powerman.

I heard of the Ironman triathlon race as I had a number of friends within my cycling group who took part in Ironman Langkawi. It was only in recent years when the thought of participating in an Ironman triathlon crossed my mind as I cannot swim, and I have yet to run a full marathon nor ridden more than 60km.

In my head, the Ironman was insane, reserved for the mad who voluntarily put themselves through hours upon hours of pain. And to think of it, you literally do have to pay (money) to put yourself through that pain. On the other hand, I often fantasized about being a triathlete, but I never knew where to start.

I know the road to being a triathlete is not an easy one as I lack swimming skills, but I told myself I would dedicate a solid year’s worth of swimming before signing up at any major races. I got my first open water experience at Tadanamo’s Swim Clinic at the Putrajaya Lake after two months of intensive (3-4 sessions a week) swim classes.


With triathlon being one of the toughest sports, requiring three different disciplines, I do not believe in rushing into it without proper preparation. It is a journey I should savour, taking my time and meeting like-minded people who share a love for the sport.

We, at LycraHeroes.com, wish Celine all the best as she embarks on a wonderful and fulfilling journey and hope to follow her every step of the way.

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