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Jelly legs no more.

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Veterans and newbies alike suffer the same problem. That jelly-like feeling you get in your legs when you take your fist few steps off the bike. 7-time Ironman finisher and coach Kevin Siah tells us how to run strong off the bike. Running your way to a fast triathlon by Kevin Siah Does the following […]

Project Hero: Tan Wee Hoe overcomes injury and illness in his first training month

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The first month of training for Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 hasn’t been too kind to Project Hero athlete, Tan Wee Hoe. Over the past four weeks, he’s had to overcome the Chinese New Year feasting, injury and illness. Read below a summary of his past month’s training: Summary of 1st month training by Tan Wee Hoe […]

Knut’s drama in Week 3

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No training block is complete without drama and at the end Week 3 of Knut Haug’s training for Ironman Putrajaya 70.3, he had a minor one. Read on to see how his third week went: Training week 3/12 This week turned out to be a bit of a drama week by the end of it, […]

Harum’s Week 3 Progress

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Week 3 of Project Hero and you can see Harum Delima is improving. Her swimming pace is getting faster and her hard runs are getting more comfortable. Read on to see how the rest her her training is going: Project Hero, Day 15 of 84: Swim 2km Longest distance so far. Felt quite good but […]

Project Hero Knut’s second training week for IM Putrajaya 70.3

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Week 2 of Ironman Putrajaya 70.3 training sees Project Hero athlete Knut Haug discover a healthy solution for pre-workout nutrition. However, it did end with a little knee pain. Read about his Week 2 below: Project Hero training week 2/12 In the second week of the training program we would see both the Chinese New […]

Project Hero Harum shares her Week 2 training

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Project Hero athlete Harum Delima is in the midst of training for Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya, her first race at that distance. Her training program started in earnest on January 20. Here is her progress from week 2: Project Hero, Day 8 of 84: Swim 1.9km. Warm up 400m; Race pace 1300m; Cool down 200m. This […]

The race that turned Captain Faiz into Captain Ironman

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Earlier, we had a post about how pilot Captain Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin was dealing with his post-Ironman blues. Here now is his report about the race that gave him those blues. Ironman Western Australia (IMWA), 8th December 2013, Busselton, Australia. My Race Report (40-44 Male) by Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin It was raining cats and dogs, […]

Project Hero training update: Alfred Choo

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As we enter week 2 of the Project Hero Putrajaya 70.3 training plan, we’ve received some updates from our athletes. This one is from Alfred Choo, who actually started the plan three weeks earlier! This is the very first time I am following a training program and my first reaction was “WHAT???!!! So many hours […]

Celine begins her triathlon journey

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Celine Yap is a hero in the making. Not much of a sportsperson growing up, she picked up running in 2009 to shed a few pounds. Then it was cycling and now swimming. And so begins her journey towards a triathlon finish line. She knows it’s going to be a long one, but she’s more […]

Project Hero Training Update: Knut’s First Week

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Project Hero athlete Knut Morten Bjorlien Haug has begun his journey to Ironman Putrajaya 70.3. On the tail end of a 16-week training program, he switched to the one we provided for the final 12 weeks to race day. Here, he takes us through his first week on the program. It’s Sunday night and I […]