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Meet Project Hero Athlete Dennis Chua

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Back in 2011, Dennis Chua lined up for his first triathlon, the OSIM Singapore Triathlon. Sadly, it didn’t go as expected and he did not complete the swim leg. But that did not deter him from signing up for the biggest race of his life: Ironman Putrajaya 70.3. The 26-year-old Aircraft Engineer from Singapore bounced […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Brandem Liew

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For over five years, Brandem Liew was living with obesity. The one day he decided enough was enough. He needed to get back into shape. So what did he do? He took up triathlon, naturally. “I sprained my ankle very badly in May while playing volleyball this year and couldn’t really walk properly for the […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Mohammad Hakimi Yusof bin Abu Bakar

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There are three reasons why Mohammad Hakimi Yusof bin Abu Bakar decided to tri: first the 28-year-old Oil & Gas Engineer originally from Hulu Selangor, now residing in Kota Kinabalu, wanted to conquer his fear of the water. Second he wanted to keep on challenging himself, to prove that he is able to do anything […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Alfred Choo

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Although Alfred Choo has been doing triathlons for only two years now, he’s already had a long journey to where he is today. As a young boy with asthma, he’s had to be hospitalised several times and was prohibited from any physical activity in school. The 28-year-old Malaysian-born Singaporean is also prone to heat strokes […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Richard Lee

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A few years ago, Richard Lee started cycling and swimming to get back into shape. Then he started running. Six months ago, this 30-year-old construction engineer from Klang decided to put it all together and do a triathlon. His venture into triathlon began at the Penang Urban Triathlon. It was a sprint distance event with […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Wilson Lee

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Wilson Lee has just completed his first triathlon at Morib over the past weekend. The 25-year-old from Kuala Lumpur decided that after neglecting his health since his university days, it was time to get his fitness back. He believes that at as a young 20-something, he should be at the fittest stage of his life. […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Jackson Chan

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29-year-old Jackson Chan from Subang Jaya just started doing triathlons this year. His first race was the Nexus International School Mini Triathlon. And he found it fun. “It was fun,” he says, “real fun when you know you can compete in three different things in one session.” Since then, he’s participated in three more races […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Warren Mak

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Meet 47-year-old Warren Mak from Kuala Lumpur. With just two triathlons under his belt, this brave triathlete has registered himself for Ironman Putrajaya 70.3. And he’s agreed to share his journey with us. Like most of us who got into the sport, Warren picked up triathlon because he wanted to challenge himself mentally and physically. […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Harum Delima

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Basketball, futsal, boxing. 32-year-old Harum Delima from Port Dickson has done it all. It was while she was boxing that her coach advised her to start running to improve her stamina. For someone who used to hate running, she was surprised at how easily she adapted to it and fell in love with it immediately. […]

Meet Project Hero Athlete Knut Morten Bjorlien Haug

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“I blame my wife!” That’s 41-year-old Knut Morten Bjorlien Haug’s reason for picking up triathlons. This tri newbie from Lillehammer, Norway has just started his first tri at Morib this past weekend, and it’s all because his wife thought it might be fun. His wife, Harum Delima, another Project Hero athlete you can read her […]