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TriStupe gives a glowing review of the Skechers Nite Owl GoRunRide2

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With so many different types of running shoes out there, how do we choose which one is right for us? Here’s a re view of Skecher’s latest offering, the Nite Owl GoRunRide2 by 3-time Ironman Ee-Van aka TriStupe of It’s a glowing review of a shoe that literally, er, glows… Review: Skechers Nite Owl […]

First-timer Nicolas Sondaz powers on to a top-10 finish at Powerman Malaysia

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Nicolas Sondaz completed his first duathlon this past Sunday at the Malakoff Powerman Asian Championship, held in Putrajaya, Malaysia. For a first-timer, he did very, very well. How well? Read his report to find out  how  this “newbie” did: That’s how I spent my last Sunday… By Nick Sondaz Putrajaya, always great to play in […]

Going long – a pragmatic view

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By now, everyone knows that Ironman will be returning to the legendary island of Langkawi, Malaysia in September 2014. And triathletes all over Malaysia and the region are starting to step up their training to compete in this grueling event. Once again, 3-time Ironman Ee-Van aka TriStupe of, was kind enough to give us some […]

Kevin Siah and his bevy of bikes

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What does a 7-time Ironman ride? Kevin Siah from London, Ontario takes us through his triathlon journey, and the bikes he that he took with him. You can see that as he evolved through his journey, so did his bikes. Never ending journey… two wheels at a time by Kevin Siah The bike is undisputedly […]

What’s in your race kit?

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Senn Lai, a 5-time Ironman finisher, has been taking part in triathlons since 2006 and in that time, has seen her fair share of race kits. Here, she wonders what goes on in the minds of the race organizers who put these race kits together. Race kit, waste kit Ever wonder whether anybody actually took […]

My Bike and I

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One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make when starting out triathlons is the bike. And the bike is one of the things you spend most of your time on. This section is for all of you to show off your pride and joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s an entry-level mountain bike or a […]

Lessons from an Ironman Dropout

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A DNF is always a bitter pill to swallow. And that’s what happened during my first attempt at the going long. The following article was written just prior to my second attempt at the Ironman distance. Although this was written in 2008, the lessons in it still hold true. 1. Respect the distance. Respect the […]

TriStupe’s Top Ten Transition Tips

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People often forget that transitions are the fourth discipline in any triathlons. The time spent changing from swim gear to bike gear to run gear is all counted to your total race time. I’ve seen some athletes breeze in and out of the transition area in under 30 seconds and I’ve also seen some athletes […]

Kevin Siah’s Canadian Adventure

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Malaysian Kevin Siah is an avid triathlete and a veteran of seven Ironman finishes. He made his long-distance debut at Ironman Malaysia in 2009, and has since gone on to compete in Ironman races in Australia and now Canada. In this article, he talks about his latest finish at Ironman Canada: Ironman Canada 2013 by […]

What the hell did I get myself into?

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That’s pretty much what went through my mind when I decided to start up LycraHeroes. I love triathlons and enjoy writing but to write about triathlons to a global audience of tens of thousands, I felt maybe I was in over my head. What the hell did I get myself into??? Pretty much sums up […]