What is LycraHreoes about?

Lycraheroes is all about the age-grouper. The life and blood of the sport of triathlon. Without the age-grouper the sport wouldn’t be where it is today.

Why is LycraHeroes different from other triathlon websites?

Because it puts the age-grouper in the spotlight. Other websites talk about the pros, we talk about you: How you did in your last race, your journey to triathlon, tips and secrets you’d like to share, how your training is going, your bike and how it makes you fast, your favorite running shoe, your nutrition tips, and more.

By doing this, we believe we can make a difference to age-groupers’ lives. We provide a channel for age-groupers to inspire and be inspired by other age-groupers.

So who is a LycraHero?

You are. It doesn’t matter where you finish, or even if you did finish. What matters is you toed the startline. As long as you made the commitment to juggle work, family and triathlons to get to that startline, you are a LycraHero, and triathlon is your super power.

So start inspiring others and be inspired by others. Tell us your story. Share with us anything and everything about your experiences with triathlon. Send your stories to mystories@lycraheroes.com

Hope to hear from you soon.

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